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Susan R Lin

Master of Wine

Master of Fine Arts - Classical Piano
Wine & Performing Arts

Susan R Lin MW, MFA

I create memorable experiences through music and wine.

I am a Master of Wine and a Master of Fine Arts in Classical Piano and Musicology.

My joy is bringing music and wine together through musical branding and bespoke experiences.

Each creation is highly personalized, thoroughly researched, designed to bring out the spirit of your brand and raison d'être.

I approach my craft through an interdisciplinary lens, inspired and forged by my background as a high tech program manager, performing arts program developer, and as a classical pianist and dancer.


My work is rooted in academic research and professional experience in program management and event/program development spanning multiple countries, organizations, and cultures in the wine, performing arts, and high tech industries.


I have worked with organizations such as San Francisco Symphony, Google, San Francisco Ballet, Biondi-Santi, Boisset Collection, TEXSOM, Belmont Wine Exchange, and more.

My research and work have been featured on Food & WineDecanter, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, GuildSomm, WINELIFE, Robb Report, Tim Atkin MW and more. 

I was named Master of Wine after passing the rigorous MW exam and the publication of my dissertation

Influences of Classical Music on the Perception of a Brut Non-vintage Champagne’.


Wine/Spirits & Music Experiences

Wine/Spirits & Music Branding

Judging and Evaluation

Conference and Panel Speaking

Piano Performance (piano videos)

Audience & Program Development

Business Development

Partner & Customer Cultivation and Relationship Management

Cellar Curation, Wine & Food Pairings, Wine & Spirits Programs



Master of Wine (MW) 

Master of Fine Arts in Classical Piano and Musicology (MFA)

Classical Piano study with the late Thomas LaRatta, pupil of Rudolph Ganz

Stanford Certified Program Manager (SCPM)

Diploma in Wine & Spirits (WSET Level 4 Award - DipWSET)

Sommelier, Certified by the Court of Master Sommeliers

Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW)

French Wine Scholar (FWS)

Italian Wine Scholar (IWS)

WSET Certified Educator

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By Susan

Research Paper:

Influences of Classical Music on the Perception of a Brut Non-Vintage Champagne - Institute of Masters of Wine (scroll down to '2021 RPs')


The Experience of Music and Wine - Classical Music and a Brut Non-Vintage Champagne - Wine Scholar Guild (requires membership) 

Deep Dive into the Master of Wine Program with Susan R Lin MW - Inside The Drinks Business, Beverage Trade Network

What is the Role of a Master of Wine: Susan R Lin - Beverage Trade Network

Busting Myths about Wine with the Master: Susan R Lin - Beverage Trade Network

The Voice of Wine Episode 1: Susan R Lin - The Wine Jokers - Alberto & Augusto Gherardi

Susan Lin on Grandpa, How Music Affects What's in Your Glass, and Perspective - Trish Glose - Hungry for More


Wine Pairings: Music and Food - GuildSomm (section begins at 4 minutes in)

The Remarkable Wines of the Loire Valley - VinePair (with David Keck MS)


The Power of the Story: Influences of Narrative in Shaping Wine Perception - GuildSomm Feature Article

A Sensorial Symphony - Tim Atkin MW

Science vs. Romance in Wine - GuildSomm MW Perspectives

Media about Susan

The Power of Music - How Brahms Might Make Your Wine Taste Better by Lauren Eads - Decanter

Brahms and Bliss: Wine's finer with classical music because it enhances our perception of taste, study finds - The Daily Mail 

Wine and Music Plus An Interview with Susan R Lin MW by Charlie Leary - Bevinars

Studies Show Music Impacts How Wine Tastes by Paul Caputo - Food&Wine 

A Balanced Glass with Susan R Lin MW by Rebecca Hopkins - A Balanced Glass

Harmonizing Music & Wine with Susan R Lin MW by Prithvi Nagpal - Beverage Trade Network


Klassische Musik und Wein: "Zum Champagner lege ich Brahms auf" by Gerald Franz - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (German)

Master of Everything by Karin Leeuwenhoek - WINELIFE Magazine (Dutch)

Behind the Scenes: A Conversation with Susan R Lin MW with USA Wine Ratings - Beverage Trade Network

Busting myths about wine with the Master of Wine: Susan R Lin - USA Wine Ratings 


Masters of Wine: Susan R Lin by Zelda Molenaar -

Vino, donne e leadership (Wine, women and leadership) - Book by Barbara Sgarzi (Italian) - see excerpts about Susan here

10 New Masters of Wine - Feb 2021 by Patrick Schmitt -


Belmont Wine Exchange's Susan Lin named Master of Wine -


Creating richly sensorial experiences 

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Thank you for contacting me! I'll reply to you as soon as I can. Have a wonderful day!

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